Play Yahtzee

You can play Yahtzee alone, in Internet or against the computer. Pure Javascript,no Flash or no Java needed.
You can play Yahtzee also in your iPhone™, iPad™ or Android phone.
If you play with computer it uses the best strategy, so to win you need some skill and luck. You can also ask for advice from the computer, so it can teach you how to win. High Score list on a Game Server.

Play Gin Rummy card game against your computer.

Play Oklahoma Gin card game against your computer.

Play Klondike Solitaire card game.
You can ask help from the computer to solve the game.

Kniffel is a more challenging variation of dice game Yahtzee™.
Kniffel uses 6 dice and you play 4 games simultaneously.
You can alone or with another player over Internet.
A High Score list is maintained on the Game Server.

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